We Build REALTORS® (doing $100k+/yr) Leveraged Client Acquisition Systems they OWN instead of RENT

...Using Google, YouTube, powerful systems automation & remote talent to not only generate NEW opportunities but CONVERT them into real clients at SCALE. (From teams who make $1,000,000+ profit after taxes a year doing it).

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Own Your Client Acquisition

Zillow & Realtor.com are just middlemen in your lead generation.

If you give me 30 seconds I'll show you how you can cut them out and generate your own leads from the same place they do and ensure those leads  aren’t being shared with anyone else.

Let me show you how.

Buyers & Sellers today still go to Google to look for homes more than any other website on earth. You can look this up.

Zillow & Realtor pick up a lot of this traffic because they rank #1 and #2 in the search result nearly every time.

Their entire business model is predicated on this one advantage they have over us the agents (Yes, I'm one too).

We just simply don’t have the resources to compete.

Let me show you a simple way you can get around that and rank above these two giants in Google search…

All you have to do is run a targeted paid ad on Google using the correct keywords and you can rank above Zillow & Realtor.com every time, hijacking up to 20% of this traffic in your marketplace.

Just like this 👇

Pretty clever trick, right? Wrong.

Here’s a secret you might not know.

70% of leads you generate fron Google that DO convert will do so in 6 months or greater, and only 30% will close in the first 6 months.

Where most agents go wrong is they buy into lead generation program after lead generation program not realizing the real money in real estate is made in the NURTURE process and the LONG TERM.

You need to nurture leads properly because real estate has one of the longest sales cycles of any business, and you need the right infrastructure to do this correctly.

So… What if I told you at Agent Launch we’ve built a one-stop-shop program that focuses on A-Z of client acquisition, from lead generation, systems & automation, recruiting Inside Sales Agents to recruitment & training, team building, sales training, YouTube & video strategy, video editing, ALL OF IT.

The best part? You OWN everything we build FOR YOU.

You heard that right, Agent Launch builds real estate agents client acquisition systems they own.

We build assets in your business. We don’t build them in ours and rent them to you like every other agency out there.    

Over 100 agents have already transformed their business by building their client acquisition system with Agent Launch.

For example, Cal was able to secure $56,500 GCI in his first month of our Ownership & Leverage program and has since generated over 6-figures in his third month.

This is not uncommon.

Lynea was able to secure $20,000 GCI in just 6 weeks of starting with us, and after 3 Months she's now done 6 deals and $80,000 GCI.

In fact, our average client as a single agent closes $187,000 GCI in their first year with Agent Launch.

On the high end, our best clients are doing over $500,000.

What's more interesting is that whatever you do in year 1, you can double in year 2 due to the compound effect of lead generation over the long term.

Own Your Client Acquisition

See... Here's the big problem.

Leads, leads, leads, that’s all everyone ever wants.

We understand that, however, if you closed 2 clients per week, do you have the back-end systems in place to be able to:

  • Successfully fulfil that work to a high standard?

  • Maintain your inflow of new leads and new business?

  • Spend time building your brand?

  • Be happy doing it?

Most real estate agents struggle to build leverage in their business and end up trading time for money, living on the transaction hamster wheel (read: job).

And... Most agency products fail because they only focus on one single element of acquiring clients online, which is usually just lead generation or nurture but rarely even both.

What makes us unique is that we cover every element of acquiring real estate clients online.

We start with setting up your lead generation and your software stack correctly, then we move into systems and automation and get your operations dialed in.

Then we acquire remote sales talent to work your lead pipeline and even train them and hold them accountable for you weekly.

We also train you so that you can convert the leads effectively.

We then setup an infrastructure to help you manage transactions, and leverage your remote talent to do it for you.

THEN, we help you build a content strategy that leverages video to build trust with your audience on autopilot, which is likely the same reason you're reading this now.

We even help you with video editing.

We are truly a one-stop-shop.

What this does is uniquely positions us to address bottlenecks when they arise, because we do everything in house. We believe that’s the reason we have have an over 85% success rate with our clients because of this unique approach.

Like Lex, you just have to trust the process. Even though he had his reservations, it all came together and he's now trending to over $500,000 GCI in his first year.

...two weeks later

We have a proven method of acquiring clients online at scale and building leverage around you so you can stay focused on working with clients and building your brand.

We build all of this WITH YOU, inside your business and fully leverage:

  • High Quality Lead Generation

  • Systems & Automation

  • Remote Talent

  • Video

We take care of all the heavy lifting for you, especially on the technical side. Our motto is literally "don't sweat the tech, we got you"

Your client acquisition becomes an asset you own, rather than rent.

...Goodbye traditional marketing agency.

Own Your Client Acquisition

One if the most prominent complaints about real estate mentorship programs and agencies is how disorganized they are.

People often say...

  • It's too hard to follow

  • The information is outdated

  • I didn't get the support I needed

  • The leads suck

Did I mention how relevant and organized our program is?

We know if our clients are going to be successful, we had to create an environment where they could thrive.

We know our ideal client is busy and needs a streamlined environment.

So... That's what we created.

For that reason we believe our solution is the next big thing in real estate marketing.

Why? Because it doesn’t require you to be a social media guru, good on camera or a tech wizard to execute.

I want to be clear… Does that mean this is a hands-off process?


The truth is, there are many factors that go into doing this properly and like with everything, this takes time.

In practice, most people don’t get results when buying any type of “how-to information”

That's why we've built a hybrid done-for-you done-with-you model so we can take care of the heavy lifting and technical stuff for you and support you in the things we can't do (ie. your listing presentations).

We get really involved.

If you’re serious and put in the work, the sky's the limit.

Anyone selling you a turn-key, hands-off solution should be a red flag.

Building quality assets require an investment of time, energy and money. There's no way around it.

It's about doing it in the most leveraged way possible, utilizing experts in their trade and learning what you're best at so you can stay focused.

Fully hands-off rental agencies are not providing you with an asset, they are providing you with a rental service that rarely ever produces an ideal result.

Remember... Leverage is built through assets such as people, money and software.

Otherwise, you are building yourself a job and not a business.

It's about creating systems that allow you to stay focused on high value activities like working with clients and building your brand.

That's why we exist... And we're different from anything you’ve likely seen before.

You can think of us as your client acquisition team.

We're more of a practical implementation program that’s going to help you execute every single secret, every technique, every strategy that’s working for us and all our successful clients.

If you know anything about us then you know we always over-deliver and give as much value as possible.

We actually care about the results our clients get, and that’s why we're where we are today.

Own Your Client Acquisition

Let's be sure to note that what we do is NOT a bunch of abstract theory... but a proven step-by-step process.

I believe if any company is going to help you build a scalable client acquisition system you own, we are it.

Because we have a track record of making It work... Everything we do is based on real world results.

A lot of agents have been asking how I built my YouTube channel to over 22,000 subscribers in 2 years and how it accounts for over 50% of our business.

I've also been getting a lot of questions about how we're teaching our clients to leverage Google & YouTube together to bring in an abundance of warm leads that actually want to talk to you.

This is where our program was born, and has now developed into a full fledged client acquisition program.

When you join us, we'll bring you into our awesome Agent Launch Inner Circle community.

Our agents are collaborating in ways we've never seen before, and our community is really important to us.

In this community you'll be exposed to some other amazing agents who’s are becoming leveraged at an incredibly high level.

That’s where the fun part really starts.

You'll get to meet a lot of other people like you, including new agents leveraging our systems like Mark who closed 25 deals in his first year in the business, and Russell who did 29 in his first year.

You’ll also be exposed to some great mentors like Jason, who sells over 200 homes a year directly from Google

You’ll be plugged into a mentorship group of like-minded people who all have the same vision and goal as you, to build a scalable client acquisition system you own and have fun along the way.

If you feel like this is right for you, click on the button below, apply to work with us and we will be in touch as soon as we're able.

Please note that we are regularly backlogged with applications, and we only take on clients we think we can generate results for.

Please be patient and give us 1-3 business days to review and respond to your inquiry.

Own Your Client Acquisition

Why book a call with us?

1. Look at our results below

Almost NO ONE else industry has had their hands involved in this many of the top industry leading real estate agents & teams digital marketing strategy with the results we have.

2. We do this with 150+ active clients

We didn't get here by having a sh*tty product. We focus on a holistic approach to acquising clients online, and there is no competitor for us. No other company have the marketing implementation, coaching and video editing and branding resources we do.

3. We've scaled 30+ agents to 30+ new deals a year

We’ve built sales teams and digital marketing strategies that have DIRECTLY generated 30+ new deals a year for over 30 of our clients.

The BIG reason

We worked with 30+ 500k GCI+ agents in 2022 alone (many of which are the industry leaders who’s ads are constantly in your feed) and we interview 30-50 sales reps PER MONTH for our clients…

Not only will you have the opportunity to leverage our experience, but you’ll be able to leverage our massive community of agents crushing it with our systems, many of who coach in our program.

Furthermore, we’ll build all the lead genration, systmes, talent, video & branding assets in YOUR business so that you OWN and CONTROL them.

We'll also be working with you week-to-week to coach you through how to get the most out of it all. No other company offers a hybrid marketing agency & coaching program with the multitude of resources and services we do.

If that sounds good, scroll past my testimonials below and book a call.

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Own Your Client Acquisition

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  • 2055 Limestone Rd STE 200-C

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