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Agent Launch helps Real Estate Agents grow using Google Ads, YouTube & high-performing sales systems

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Realtors With Agent Launch

Todd Barrett
Kona, HI
Lynea Carver
Bonney Lake, WA
Reilly Nicholls
Calgary, AB
Kathleen Sposato
Spencer, MA
Marc Huntington
Salt Lake City, UT
Windy Goss
Henderson, NV
Lex Ferguson
Honolulu, HI
Theresa Zech
Phoenix, AZ
Russell Mortlock
Kelowna, BC
Doug Carver
Los Angeles, CA
Karin Strydom
Mossel Bay, SA
Jason Simard
Vancouver Island, BC
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Case Studies

IMPORTANT: Earnings and Results Disclaimer
“*The results you see on this page are not typical, Eric and his students are professional marketers. Their experiences do not guarantee similar results. Individual results may vary based on your skills, experience, motivation, as well as other unforeseen factors. The Company has yet to perform studies of the results of its typical clients. Your results may vary.
“What you’ve done that I haven’t seen in another program, and believe me I’ve taken a lot of them, is you’ve created a real system. I just follow the scripts, make the videos and pick up the phone. Being a super structured person, I really appreciate the approach!”
“An inordinate amount of the leads, maybe 20 - 25% ended up being quite qualified and within the three month to one year purchase category. I've already closed two homes for 1.7 million and 1.1 million and i'm actively writing contracts at 1 million dollars for the third client already."
“The biggest thing is going to be patience, nurturing leads, the learning curve, but like anything, on Day 1 vs. Day 90 - your skills aren’t even comparable. Understand how it works, but don’t try to do everything. That’s why we leverage you guys, so I can work to where my strengths are best suited - selling real estate. ”
“Just the whole process of where to find the ISA, thank goodness there was some training provided by you guys. I ended up hiring a great candidate and the program for training was all laid out. It would’ve taken me a month to get her to where you guys got her in a week.”
“It’s a lot to take in when you first start. But now I feel like I can just control this lead "faucet" - if I want to 10x it, turn up the taps, I can. I have an ISA now. At one time I thought “no that will never work for me” but now - it’s insane. My ISA sent me 3 good leads yesterday, 2 while I was on the golf course."
"For me to actually endorse this, it’s a big thing - I’m not a tech guy! But I’ve found the systems you’ve set up incredibly useful. We automatically see leads as they come in, and as they're qualified. We love the visibility and our team can act faster when we needed to.”

See How Agent Launch Helps Real Estate Agents Generate 12 - 36 New Sales Online Every Year.

Eric B. Preston


A Quick Overview Of The Process

Ownership & Leverage

O&L is designed for:
Agents doing 15 - 40 deals a year
Agents who want to generate new leads online
Agents who want to better leverage video
Agents who want to grow & build a team
Agents who want a holistic solution (ie. one-stop-shop)
We believe every real estate agent wants one of two things: more time, more money or both. Most believe they can accomplish this online, but actually live on the transaction hamster wheel and never get around to creating the leverage in their business they desire. Our business is the conduit between the two.
Lead Magnet

01. Lead Generation

Sourcing qualifying & training local or remote team members (REOAs & ISAs) to help you build leverage around you and stay focused on building your real estate business.

02. Sales Systems

Sales operations, systems & automation proven to scale to 7-figures combined with sales coaching by Agent Launch ALUMNI who have had massive success with our program.

03. Recruiting & Training

Sourcing qualifying & training local or remote team members (REOAs & ISAs) to help you build leverage around you and stay focused on building your real estate business.
Digital Marketing

04. Content Strategy

YouTube & video content strategy that will generate leads & build trust with your audience while you sleep.


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Google Ads campaigns do you run?

It really depends on the client as we tailor our offer to each clients specific needs. We have the capacity to run a number of different campaigns such as:

  • Buyer campaigns (Local and non-local)
  • Seller campaigns
  • Retargeting campaigns (Display and search)
  • Long-tail campaigns (ie. Pool homes, condos, acreages, farms, luxury)
  • Development (ie. Pre-sale, non-mls units)
What's the typical cost per lead from Google Ads?

CPL (Cost per lead) will vary based on many factors.

Some factors to consider are:

  • Time of year & current supply/demand
  • Local market competition
  • Keyword competition
  • Your website provider and how well it captures and converts traffic.
Typically, our clients cost per lead is $10-$20, but we have clients who average $6 (Low competition market) and clients who average $25 (High competition market). Cost per lead is not everything, because if you make $10,000 on a sale, a $10 CPL vs a $15 CPL works out to be a $1,000 vs $1,500 investment for a return of $10,000, equating to a 5% difference in ROI. See an example report here:
What's the typical conversion rate of Google Ads?

We get this question a lot, and the truth is it varies on the skill of the agent and how well they follow our process.

Typically  conversion rates in the 1-3% range, but we have seen them as low as 0.5% (low-skill agent) and as high as 4% (high-skill agent).

It's also important to understand that if you want to measure conversion rates for January 2023, you must look at all the leads you generated in Janaury 2023 in January 2024 (1 year later) to determine the conversion rate of those leads. Having generated thousands of leads and hundreds of sales, our data shows that 30% of leads that do convert will do so in 0-6 months, and 70% convert in 6-18 months.

Remember, Google Ads work, there's no doubt about taht, but it's best looked at as a long game and needs to be thought of that way.

Do you run Facebook or Instagram ads?

At the moment, we don't run ads for Facebook or Instagram - only Google. Stay tuned for some exciting developments there.

Do I need to be good on camera?

No. Most of the videos we promote that our real estate agent clients make are simple, in front of your computer, talking head style videos that are not flashy, but offer VALUE and require little editing. These videos help you convert more business by building trust with your leads. If you're up for it, there's absolutely an advanced level to this where you can get into fancier equipment, editing and shooting styles but we always start with getting the basics right first.

Where do you hire remote talent from?

We recruit talent from a number of places, but it depends on our clients specific needs. We always factor in timezone and area demographics in this decision, and what multi-language support that cleint needs (if any). That being said, Agent Launch most often sources talent from Latin America, the Caribbean or South Africa.

Do you work with teams & brokers?

Definitely. That being said our program is geared towards single agents who want to build a team and small teams who want to grow. Although we do work with some brokers, ideally we would prefer to come present to a broker's agents and have them work with us each 1-1 to build their own businesses separately.

Do you work with developers?

Yes, in fact we love to build landing pages for our clients for pre-construction and developments. We find these funnels, combined with the right ad strategy have been highly successful.

Do you deploy strategies to recruit agents?

No, we're focused on helping real estate agents build their brand, acquire new cleints and own the process by leveraging digital marketing.

Do you help with creating drip campaigns?

Yes, we've actually created them all for you to be imported directly into your Follow Up Boss, Chime or Sierra Interactive CRM. We set up and apply all of our provided drip campaigns during our onboarding process. Not only that, we also build pipeline stages, automations & action plans to keep your lead follow up organized and proactive

Join 150+ High Volume Real Estate Agents