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How to Create Engaging Real Estate Videos with Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics Tutorial

How to Create Engaging Real Estate Videos with Motion Graphics

February 20, 2023 4 min read

How To Create Engaging Real Estate Videos With Motion Graphics

Real estate is not an easy industry to navigate, and content creation MIGHT be even harder. Making videos takes consistency, scripting, and if you want to attract new customers with these videos, you've probably asked yourself - are there any tips or tricks to make my videos even more engaging? Good news - yes! Technology can help, and as any content creator will tell you, how you edit your videos is just as important as the content itself. In this blog, we'll break down exactly what "motion graphics" are, how to add them to your videos, and share examples of the top 4 most engaging variations of these graphics for real estate agents to add to their videos in 2023. So if you're ready to step up your video editing game this year, read on! 👊

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What Are Motion Graphics?

Simply put, motion graphics are any type of graphic, that moves. This could be animated characters, animated words, statistics or even a digital title card. Motion graphics can be used to add interest and excitement to your video, but they're especially great for adding information in a visually appealing way. For example, if you have a lot of data points to convey in your video (i.e. home prices), motion graphics offer a solution for you to easily display complex information with visuals on screen. Use graphics to highlight specific statistics or points, to best convey to the viewer where their attention should be, without detracting from the narrative flow of the piece.

How To Use Motion Graphics in Real Estate Video Marketing

Motion graphics can also help tell stories that might otherwise be difficult or boring to tell with text alone. Add variety, style and personality to your real estate videos by emphasizing the most important points of your content, creating suspense, educating or enticing your viewers. For example, interview style videos could easily become boring if presented in traditional format (i.e., just audio). Using motion graphics during these clips can make this content more dynamic, simply by using design elements such as animation or transitions between different scenes. Show rather than tell whenever possible - if you're referencing a specific apartment complex or community setting, to make it memorable, add a motion graphic.

Examples Of Motion Graphics For Real Estate Videos:

1) Text Animations & Transitions

Adding engaging motion graphics like zooming, text animations and transitions to your videos creates a more engaging experience for your leads, and future customers. These are a great way to create engaging real estate videos by adding visual interest, without distracting from the message or content of your video.

Text Animation


2) Animated Infographics

Even when an infographic is showing some really interesting stats, sometimes we’re tempted to skim over it. However, making your infographic move will direct your audience’s eyes stay on the right things. As a result, you can get the information across in exactly the way you want to, highlighting the most important elements for your viewers.



3) Logos & Icons

What makes your brand even more memorable than its logo? A moving one! With your logo, you have the chance to play with how it’s composed to create an eye-catching animation. Remember, all types of motion graphics are just static images that are manipulated to create movement.

Logo Intro


4) Maps & Location Animations

Maybe your viewers are familiar with the area or neighborhood featured in your video, but just to be sure, clearly show the viewer where you're talking about with motion graphics featuring area maps, or even Google maps...

Map Animation


You can’t just make a video and expect people to watch it. To reinforce your own credibility, and properly convey your message, make a video that keeps viewers attention and leverage dynamic visuals. Tell them something that they care about, and consider, have I provided valuable information to my audience, presented in an engaging way? Elevating your edit and adding motion graphics into your videos is key to building the connection between you and potential clients. Showing them the level of detail you put into your own marketing is a window into the kind of professional you are, and what to expect when working with you.

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