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Creator Feature - Salerno Real Estate

This week’s Creator Feature is Mark Salerno, a Real Estate Broker in Toronto, Canada.

He’s done an incredible job of branding his content on TikTok and developing a consistent AND unique POV with his real estate content.

His ability to create bingeable-worthy TikTok series is what all creators dream of 😍

Here are 3 of our favorite TikTok series he makes:

1. “# of Reasons Why You Should Buy This Home”

@salernorealestate Here's 5 reasons you should buy this custom built luxury property in Richmond Hill #salernorealestate #propertytour #uniquehome ♬ original sound - Mark Salerno Real Estate

2. “Guess The Price”


3. “Which is Your Favourite Bedroom/Bathroom/Kitchen/Backyard?”