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How To Get Your First Sale As A Real Estate Agent (7 STEPS!)

7 Steps To Success

How To Get Your First Sale As A Real Estate Agent (7 STEPS!)

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February 06, 2023 5 min read


So many people today, more than ever, are becoming real estate agents. And with the current landscape of high interest rates, more people on the fence, and more new agents than ever, it's becoming harder and harder to get that first sale. After all, the failure rate in real estate is about 87%, so the vast majority of people who start in this business actually fail… now. 

Today, I'm going to break down the seven things you need to do to be successful as a new agent and make sure you can secure those first few deals in your first year. That's how you can stay afloat, so let’s get right to it!👇

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1. Find a strong mentor 

Start learning! Being a perpetual learner is one of the best things you can do as an agent, but also as a business person.

Make sure you're putting time in your calendar to learn and aligning yourself with mentors who've actually been there and done that. Finding a strong mentorship group you can be a part of means you don't have to blaze the path yourself. There are so many different ways to build your real estate business and a lot of companies are going to sell you on their specific methodologies, why they use them, and what this often leads to is real estate agents is shiny object syndrome.  You keep buying into solution after solution, only to never commit to any of them.Get a really good mentor to help you stay focused, get a good coach,  find a good group of individuals that you resonate with, and that you feel like you can learn a lot from. 


2. Create a schedule 

Highly underrated, but start using Google Calendar now, and time block your day.  Here's how I would make your schedule if you're just starting out: put the first hour of the day into education, make sure you're at spending at least one hour a day watching videos, taking part in a course teaching yourself and educating yourself on the real estate business. 


3. Block time in your schedule to make content. 

This is something a lot of real estate agents don't get to right away, but if you become great at making content in the early stages of your career, you're going to have a much easier time later. You're actually creating content for people who are watching you. This is going to help you build authority in the minds of all the people who are now discovering that you're a licensed real estate agent. Consider this - the best way to learn something is by forcing yourself to teach it.

By teaching something, you're forcing yourself to understand it really, really well - to the point where you can actually teach it to someone. You’ll even better learn your own processes as a result. 


4. Find yourself two good lead generation sources

There are lots of options, but challenge yourself to pick one or two of them. These sources could be your sphere of influence, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any relevant social channel for you.

It could be a past network you have professionally, a sports organization - anything where you can network and get out there, to start having real estate conversations. There's so many things you can do, but my biggest advice I can give you is to choose two of them. Stick to them and become a master at them, and once you get really really good at them, you're going to get disproportionate results compared to everyone else trying to do everything.


5. Dedicate time for prospecting daily - take action! 

Have an action bias. A lot of people are going to really just focus on the first piece which is education, but you need to follow that up with a strong action bias. That's the second part of the calendar schedule I told you to put together - prospecting.

Make sure you take taking a large amount of action repetitively because repetitive action over time is how you become successful in any business. By having a good mentor around you who can teach you, and give you feedback, you're going to get better and better over time. 


6. Start making content 

Carved out time in your calendar daily to produce content. Start doing it yourself, building a brand, something you can get behind. I highly recommend not going with your personal brand right away. I definitely find a lot of people go with “Eric Preston real estate”, but then want to change it later once they want to build a team. So think long term - I just helped a client build “Living in West LA” - that's a brand that will allow you to build a team people can get behind. So start building your brand and making content leveraging that brand.

Build on your content over time. You may be shy of making content in the early days but that's where the first piece I talked about comes in - learning. Make sure you're following other people that are doing things well, and start mirroring some of the things they're doing. Follow that mentorship and start making content around it. 


7. Stay Focused

This is one of the things I'm always trying to drill into my clients heads. So many people like to start complicated, but here's a simple thing you can remember - simple scales and fancy fails. Most agents start fancy and they fail. What you want to do is start simple and scale that - you can get fancy later, once you have a lot of infrastructure. 


And that’s it! Make sure you're starting simple, focusing on one or two lead generation sources, building time your calendar for education prospecting, and content. Then most importantly - consistently sticking with that over time. You will get opportunities and develop the right skill set to start converting them as they come through the pipeline.

I hope that helps you become successful as a real estate agent, if by chance you're not absolutely new, and you do have a budget for online marketing - let’s chat. Our company helps agents own your online client acquisition (and not rent it like every other agency). Click on the link below to apply and see if you’re a fit to work with us:


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