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Exploring Florida's Golf Scene: Top Communities in Florida for Golfers

By: Rob Shapiro

July 09, 2024

The future of new home construction in Florida could very well be built around its luxurious and enviable golfing scene. 

Exploring New Construction Homes in a Premiere State for Golfers

Florida’s landscape is dotted with some of the most exquisite golf courses and golfing-focus communities in the country, each offering a unique blend of luxury and accessibility to the greens. These communities provide a wide array of options, including new construction homes and amenities such as parks, playgrounds and energy-efficient modern infrastructure.

Whether it’s the rolling fairways of the Gulf Coast or the lush links of the Atlantic side, new homes and new construction developments are taking shape to provide golf enthusiasts with the perfect abode. These communities epitomize luxury living, offering residents a blend of comfort and sophistication.

New construction homes in Florida are making it easier for golf enthusiasts to migrate to the state and enjoy the lifestyle they want. As of 2023, new construction is stable state-wide. In West Florida, for instance, there are over 24,000 new construction project permits on record. Southwest Florida has over 23,000 permits and on the low end, Southeast Florida has just under 1,300 permits. 

Many established and new home communities in Florida either feature a golf course or are near one. They offer direct access to championship-level greens and many also provide residents with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. 

7 of the Best Golf Courses in Florida

Here are seven golf courses in Florida that have homebuyers shopping in their vicinities and also attract golfers from all over North America.

1. McArthur Golf Club, Hobe Sound, Florida

2. The Bear's Club, Jupiter, Florida

3. The Dye Course at White Oak, Hillard, Florida

4. The Concession Golf Club, Bradenton, Florida

5. Jupiter Hills Club, Tequesta, Florida

6. Calusa Pines Golf Club, Naples, Florida

7. Seminole Golf Club, Juno Beach, Florida

If you're ever in the area, it's worth booking a tee time at one or more of these exemplary golf courses in Florida.

Top Developments in Florida for Golfers

If you're buying or considering buying a new construction home in Florida and want to golf often, or every day, then check out these two popular communities.

Neal Communities, a Golfer's Paradise

Embrace a luxurious lifestyle that doubles as a golfer's dream by living in one of Florida’s residential hotspots courtesy of Neal Communities.

These new construction homes are meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of the avid golfer’s needs. From spacious layouts perfect for storing golf equipment to custom mudrooms and garages with designated golf cart spaces, these homes are a golfer’s dream come true.

Two photos. On the left is three people walking the greens of a golf course. The other is of two people riding bicycles.With cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient features, residents can enjoy savings and comfort while indulging in their passion for golf. The stunning outdoor living spaces are something to behold and the open-concept interiors are ideal for entertaining.

Neal Communities in Florida truly epitomize the perfect blend of luxury living and golfing excellence, making it the ultimate destination for golf lovers seeking a premium lifestyle. 

Bella Collina, Luxury Meets Nature

Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine State, Bella Collina stands out as a premier destination for anyone seeking the ultimate golfing experience. The Bella Collina Championship Golf Course offers a challenging yet scenic layout, surrounded by lush landscapes and breathtaking views.

A golf course at Bella Collina.This luxury community not only provides exclusive access to top-tier golf facilities but also boasts state-of-the-art amenities like top-of-the-line clubhouses and fine dining options.

Bella Collina offers golfers in Florida a way to indulge in their passion. 

Top Private Golf Club in Florida:

The Island West Bay Club

The Island West Bay Golf Club in Florida stands out as a premier destination for golfers seeking a truly exceptional experience. This private club offers a luxurious lifestyle tailored to the avid golfer with exclusive access to exceptional courses and modern facilities.

Situated in a picturesque setting, the Island West Bay Club is the choice for many golfers to hit the links, hone their skills or unwind in style.

A pool with lounge chairs and flowers with a view of the ocean. Every detail, including meticulously manicured fairways, is designed to elevate the golfing experience. Whether you're looking for a challenging round of golf or simply want to enjoy the beauty of the game in a pristine environment, the Island West Bay Golf Club is the perfect blend of luxury and golfing excellence in Florida.

Benefits of Living in a New Construction Home for Golfers

Choosing a new construction home in one of Florida’s golf home communities or close to a championship-level club comes with benefits. These new home communities typically offer a diverse selection of new construction homes and amenities such as parks, playgrounds and a vibrant social life. 

New construction homes in Florida often come equipped with smart home features, enhancing convenience and security for residents. Residents can enjoy peace of mind whether they’re out on the course or relaxing at home.

Top Features to Look for in a New Construction Home for Golfers

When searching for a new construction home that can double as a golfer's haven, consider features that will amplify your golfing experience. Look for homes with expansive outdoor living spaces that overlook the course, providing not just a view but a serene spot for post-game relaxation or hosting and where you have the space to set up a few holes to practice before tee time.

Inside, open-concept designs that connect living spaces are ideal for entertaining fellow golf enthusiasts. Don't forget to look for homes with an extra room or two that can be transformed into a personal indoor golf simulator or a trophy room to display your golfing accolades.

Spotlight on New Construction Homes in Florida

The Florida housing market is partly driven by new construction and as the allure of the state's premier golf communities continues to grow, home builders are finding unprecedented success in crafting energy-efficient new construction homes tailored to create the golfer’s dream home.

With a focus on luxury and accessibility to stunning clubs and courses, these homes epitomize luxury living, offering residents a blend of comfort and sophistication. From Neal Communities to Bella Collina, each community is designed to cater to every aspect of the golfer’s lifestyle, providing state-of-the-art amenities and wonderful outdoor living spaces.

How to Choose the Right Golf Community in Florida for You

Choosing the right golf community in the Sunshine State is about striking the perfect balance between your golfing preferences and lifestyle needs. Start by considering the type of course you enjoy most—whether you prefer the challenge of a links-style course or the beauty of a parkland layout.

Beyond the greens, examine the community’s overall atmosphere. Do you desire a vibrant social scene with events and activities or a more tranquil setting where privacy is paramount? Lastly, ensure that the amenities meet your expectations, whether it’s a state-of-the-art fitness center, spa services or walking trails.

If you yearn for this lifestyle, look for new construction homes in Florida that are close to the courses you want to enjoy. Start your homebuying process by partnering with a real estate agent who works with home builders in the Florida communities you’re interested in.