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New Home Builders: How to Generate Real Estate Leads

If you’re a new home builder or a real estate agent who partners with new home builders to sell pre-construction houses or units, you need to generate real estate leads to drive people to your sales agents and presentation center.

Traditional lead generation methods like door knockers and billboards are effective yet limited tactics. Online lead generation for real estate is more cost-effective and efficient and produces more qualified leads.

Keep reading to learn how to generate online leads for new home builds to drive more qualified buyers into your pipeline.

A new construction site for a condo. A crane is pointing upward.

Can Google Ads Generate Leads for New Build Homes?

Google Pay-Per-Click Ads and organic search are proven methods for agents to connect with their target audience and generate real estate leads.  


There are four types of Google Ads that real estate agents can leverage to generate leads or drive traffic to their website:

  • Local service ads
  • Search ads
  • Display ads
  • Video ads

Let’s focus on Google search ads for real estate as this is an investment that real estate agents can make today. Sure, it requires a budget, strategy and some tools but it’s quicker than creating a video library (which you should eventually do) to appear on the space dedicated to videos.

Google search ads, also called pay-per-click (PPC), are a popular advertising tactic on Google for real estate agents. Pay-per-click ads appear at the top of a Google search engine results page based on keywords used to perform a search.

A large condo being built.

Realtors working with new build homes or in the preconstruction space can use ads to target potential qualified leads based on:

  • Location
  • Search intent (keywords)
  • Users who have already interacted with your website, ads or app


TIPS FOR TOP REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Online marketing and lead generation tactics are meant to enhance offline initiatives for new build homes like presentation centres and door knockers.

New home builders should use a CRM to manage their real estate leads. Watch Hayley break down which is the best CRM for real estate in 2024:


Can Facebook Ads Generate Leads for New Build Homes?

Similar to Google Ads, Facebook Ads connect agents to real estate leads that may be shopping for a home, interested in real estate services or based on factors like location and interests, to name a few.


Optimized Facebook Ad campaigns can help real estate agents in the following ways:

  • Help you identify leads in your real estate market
  • Allow you to collect data about potential leads
  • Brand yourself as a top local real estate agent
  • Provide value to real estate leads by giving free resources or driving them to your website

    A real estate presentation center where two men in suits sit at a table next to a woman in a suit. Another woman in suit stands behind them. On the table is a closed laptop and an opened one. Behind them are three potted plants.

Watch Eric explain how real estate agents should use TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to drive real estate leads:


TIPS FOR TOP REAL ESTATE AGENTS: A combination of Google Ads and Facebook Ads can help flood your pipeline with leads. You can pause campaigns at any time to concentrate on converting leads that you identify as close to becoming clients.



Can online lead generation help real estate agents with new build homes?

Yes, real estate agents selling new build homes or working in the new construction space should place their efforts in strategic online lead generation and invest in Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive leads to their pipeline.

What are the benefits of online leads for new build homes?

Online leads have a greater reach than most traditional lead generation methods and they are highly targeted, scalable, trackable and often more cost-effective.

Can Google Ads and Facebook Ads help promote a new build home presentation centre?

Whatever your goal, online lead generation, such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, can drive potential leads. It’s more effective than random foot traffic in front of a presentation center and bus shelter ads.

Can builders use online lead generation to find potential buyers?

Whatever a real estate can do to generate leads, a builder can also do and reap the same benefits. If you’re a builder working without realtors you should consider using Google Ads and Facebook Ads to find real estate leads.