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Ideal Content Length for Social Networks for Realtors (TikTok & More)

Putting effort into social media for realtors is pointless unless you know what you’re doing. Whether you’re sharing posts or videos, you need to write compelling copy, find images and elements with the wow factor, connect with your audience and provide value without disengaging them. It’s a tall order.

Content length might be the most important piece of social media knowledge. The idea is to adapt to the user habits of a social network. A five-minute reel on Instagram? A nine-minute TikTok? Neither is probably a good idea if you want to maximize value and drive real estate leads.

If you’re ready to take on social media for realtors, start with understanding the ideal content length for each platform. We also offer helpful social media tips for real estate agents.

What is the Ideal Content Length for YouTube?

Short videos on YouTube should be between 28 and 33 seconds long. Focus on entertaining your audience and remember that every second counts.

For education, the content length extends to 40 to 57 seconds. Jump into your topic and save a few seconds for a clear and concise call to action.

Social media for realtors can focus on long-form videos where you communicate your value and discuss a topic in-depth. On average, long-form YouTube videos are the most engaging at 7 minutes and 9 seconds.


What is the Ideal Content Length for Instagram?

Instagram posts can be up to 60 minutes long if posted from a desktop and 15 minutes long when uploaded via the app. Short-form Instagram videos called Reels must be 90 seconds or less and Instagram Stories (videos or posts that are automatically removed after 24 hours) are up to 60 seconds.

That said, real estate agents tend to use Reels most often. The best content length for Reels for entertaining users is 11 to 17 seconds and 30 to 51 seconds for educational or tutorials.

What is the Ideal Content Length for TikTok?

TikTok is an awesome way for realtors to use social media. Entertainment-based TikToks should be 18 to 31 seconds and 42 to 54 seconds for educational content. The goal is to answer one specific real estate question or provide one piece of concise advice.

What is the Ideal Content Length for Facebook?

The good news for realtors on Facebook is that content length doesn’t matter. The bad news is that it’s because the reach is generally poor regardless of content length.

TIPS FOR TOP REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Facebook Ads offer great social media value for real estate agents. They’re targeted and scalable and work best with an active Facebook profile, group or business page.

Watch this video to learn how Josh got 800 leads in six months with Agent Launch:

Does Social Media for Realtors Work?

Social media for realtors is an effective way to reach an audience, develop your brand and promote listings but it’s not always the most effective lead-generation tool.

Google Ads is much more effective and efficient as campaigns are even more targeted, trackable and scalable.

Marketing real estate on social media can also be cost-effective and achieve the following:

  • Drum up interest in your listings
  • Expand your audience and client base in your market
  • Target location-specific leads

Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents should use these tips to elevate their social media game.

Tip #1: Identity your primary audience

Identify who you’re trying to reach before using social media for your real estate business.

Start by whittling your market to a specific location that you want to target. Then, decide if you’re looking for first-time homebuyers, empty nesters, seniors looking to downsize or potential clients searching for an investment property.

This will help you determine which social network would make the most sense for you and what content might be the most engaging.

Tip #2: Make location-based content

Your posts, ads and videos should not be broad in scope. Every piece of content needs to be created strategically with a focus on connecting with buyers and sellers in your market.

TIPS FOR TOP REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Go where your audience already spends their time. Facebook has an older and very active user base whereas younger homebuyers might use TikTok and Instagram as their networks of choice.

Tip #3 Use visuals and fewer words

Visuals can instantly draw someone in if it’s eye-catching, colourful and intriguing. Marketing real estate for social media is all about using visuals to create a first and lasting impression.

The best social media content for real estate agents are photos that highlight a home’s unique features or virtual tours.

TIPS FOR TOP REAL ESTATE AGENTS: Poor-quality videos and photos or content that is unfocused in its messaging and purpose can hurt as much as good content with clear messaging can help.

Watch Eric explain how real estate agents should use Instagram, TikTok & YouTube:




Is social media for real estate effective?

The benefit of social media for realtors is it can help most agents build a brand, target location-specific audiences and find leads.

What are the best social media platforms for real estate agents?

You want to invest your time in social network(s) used by your target audience. Facebook tends to lean older whereas Instagram and Tiktok appeal to Millennials and Gen Z. Keep track of this as demographics can shift over time.