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Creator Feature - Mel Sells FL

This week’s Creator Feature is Mel Sells FL - she has done a great job of blending both personal and business in her content.

She’s found this intersection that allows her to have fun, showcase her personality and make her content more personable, for example, her “What to Wear to Work when it’s Hot AF Outside”.



Taking a Day in the Life Approach

There's no better way to give your audience a glimpse into your world than by inviting them to experience a day in your shoes. Mel’s “Come to Work with Me as a RE Agent in South Florida” series achieves just that. Through this, she not only educates her audience about her profession but also forms a deeper connection by offering them a firsthand view of her daily life.

@melsellsfl Top 10 things I'd tell myself as a brand new real estate agent (but the rest of the list goes on forever lol) 🏡 🧠 #realtoroftiktok #realestateagent #womeninrealestate #realestatetiktok #newrealtortips ♬ original sound - melsellsfl real estate

Providing Authentic Value

It's crucial to ensure the content you put out is not only engaging but also provides genuine value. With her “What I Would Tell Myself as a Brand New Agent” series, Mel offers a treasure trove of insights. These nuggets of wisdom are not just useful for budding agents but also serve as life lessons that many can relate to.

Conclusion: The Power of Blended Content

It's not about choosing between personal or business content. It's about marrying the two to create a unique, relatable, and valuable narrative. As demonstrated by Mel Sells FL, when done right, this blend can foster stronger connections with an audience, elevating your content from mere information to genuine engagement.