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Real Estate Agents among least trustworthy professions, Study shows

There’s no sugar-coating it, Real Estate Agents have a public relations crisis.

According to a UK study, only 1% of people think agents are trustworthy. The only profession that's worse?



We're seen as self-serving.

Most agents don't have a unique selling proposition, and without one, we're just another shark in the ocean, circling for our next meal.

No one wants to feel like a meal.

Thankfully, we've got the power to turn this ship around, and it starts with one word.


Leading with value is the golden ticket to changing public perception. People don't mind shelling out their hard-earned cash if they see that they're getting something more valuable in return. If you are simply another real estate agent who “helps homeowners get top-dollar for their home”, you’re going to get lost in the noise, and you won’t be known for anything.

Just like politicians, lawyers, and other professions seen as "self-serving", we need to tackle our image problem head-on. People dislike these professions because they seem to care more about their wallets than the people they serve.

If we want to combat these negative stereotypes, we need to be more than just agents; we need to be entrepreneurs, mentors, and guides. We need to offer genuine value by uniquely positioning ourselves in the market, prove our worth by showing we have the knowledge of certain niches above and beyond what others know.

And only once we’ve done that, we'll start being seen as valuable members of the real estate transaction process.

Now, isn't that a reputation worth fighting for?