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#RealTok Trends - Listing Carousel, Listing Videos, and Best Burgers in the City


Video 1 - Listing TikTok Carousel

Here’s a reel idea for your newest listing that’ll take 5 minutes to create.

Essentially, it’s a carousel of photos but with the added motion of you swiping through.

All you need to do is screen record you swiping through your property photos, layer in trending audio to give your reel that extra boost for the algorithm, and voila!

There you have your latest property tour that required no scripting, being on camera, or fancy editing.

(This creator doesn't allow embedding, so see it here)

Video 2 - Give all the facts in your listing videos

At first glance, you might be thinking this looks like any other property tour out there…

But what this agent has done uniquely is provide more contextual details that will resonate with potential buyers.

He not only shares the asking price, but he takes it a step further, and shares how much the monthly mortgage will be, approximately, given the best current rate.

It makes purchasing this house feel more real and tangible to the audience. 

This simple (and easy!) detail in his listing video adds a ton more value and context to those who may be interested in the property.

@jrcaputo In todays market this is how much the down payment and monthly cost could be to own this $540,500 home in Edmonton with @brookfieldyeg 🏡📍 *This is just a scenario and a teaching opportunity. I highly encourage everyone to reach out to a qualified mortgage specialist to learn more about the process* #Edmontonrealestate #Edmontonrealtor #YEGrealestate #YEGrealtor #Edmontonhometour #YEGhometour #YEG #Hometour #mortgage #homebuying #downpayment #learnrealestate ♬ original sound - JRCaputo | YEG Realtor®️

Video 3 - Updated Community Feature

This example is a great way to showcase your neighborhood knowledge and the local businesses.

Instead of just highlighting one specific business or restaurant, you can create a video whereby you’re ranking a specific “item” amongst many local businesses.

In this case, the agent is ranking his 3 favourite burgers in Edmonton side-by-side, versus just focusing on one establishment.

This inherently creates variety within your content and people love watching comparison videos - whether that be of a product, service, or burger.