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#RealTok: Behind-the-Scenes, Listings & Top Zip Codes

Each week, the Agent Launch team recaps what videos Real Estate Agents made, the trends that took over our feeds, and provide some inspiration on how you can up your social media game.

Video 1 - What did you buy with your first commission: Are you tired of sharing boring AF behind-the-scenes office/work content? Well, we’re tired of seeing it 😬 Here’s a trending content series that acts as a conversation starter for your team and agents. It’s so simple and yet, so effective - and here’s why: people connect with people, people buy from people. So continue to humanize your business and share the “real-ness” of it all.


Video 2 - Listing Reveal: The people love a goood listing video…

keyword here being GOOD.

This is a great example of how changing up the pacing of your video - certain shots are slow, others are sped up, and the transition is perfect.

This simple technical characteristic/style creates continuous intrigue and keeps the watcher engaged.

And we’re all about simple tricks for maximum results/value.

@heider_realestate A glimpse inside an enchanting $2,595,000 Maryland mansion🏡 #luxuryrealestate #luxuryhomeinteriors #CapCut ♬ original sound - AMARI Supercars

Video 3 - Most Expensive Zip Codes on Long Island: This agent did an exceptional job of jumping on a trending audio, really making it her own, and applying it to her specific niche and POV in real estate.

Incorporating trending audios into your content strategy does require more creative freedom, but the payoff can be major when done right.

You not only get a boost in reach from the algorithm pushing the audio, but if it fairs well, it’ll be categorized and seen by anyone else using that trending audio/reel.

So, we strongly encourage you to think outside of the box - the more original your content, the better.

@luckytolivehere Stats from RealtyHop based on median sale price in 2022: Sagaponack $6.973M… Water Mill $5.5M… Bridgehampton $4.395M… Amagansett $4.250M… Mill Neck $4M… Quogue $4M… #longisland #longislandnewyork #luckytolivehere ♬ original sound - Lila Ton

P.s. Here's a Real Estate Barbie meme that everyone is loving.