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#RealTok - Things I Would Never Do, Real World Application, Value Over Data


Video 1 - "Things I Would Never Do" Series 

We see a lot of content like this, “ What I would do as a first-time homebuyer.”, or “5 steps to securing your first investment property.”

While this is effective, here’s another POV you can take on the same message that plays into the nature of the human psyche.

We as humans are actually more motivated to avoid pain/loss versus gain a reward.

This agent uses this to her advantage when creating content, and it’s in part why her “Things I Would Never Do as X” series is so successful.

You can share things you would never do as a first-time home buyer or when purchasing your first investment property.

Again, same message, just a different POV to emphasize the avoidance of pain/loss, which is what your people want most.

Video 2 - Real World Application

This agent does a great job of creating valuable content for her community, but more specifically, her delivery of that content is top-notch.

Here she shares how to save money on appliances for investment properties, and instead of just telling her audience in a video, she takes it a step further…

And delivers this content with real world application.

She takes her audience into a hardware store and shows them how they can save tons of money by shopping the clearance section for appliances.

This idea of shopping in the clearance section isn’t ground-breaking, by any stretch, but when she walks through the store and shares a tangible example of discounts/savings on clearance appliances, it makes it that much more real.

@shakrealtor HOW TO SAVE $$$ ON APPLIANCES FOR YOUR INVESTMENT PROPERTY💰🏡 #fyp #realestate #realestateagent #success #girlboss ♬ original sound - Shakira S

Video 3 - Value Over Data

How many boring interest hike videos have you seen?

It’s never-ending, it seems. 

And while changes in interest rates are important, most agents are just sharing the changes and calling it a day.

No offense, but that’s boring as hell and not of value to anyone (without context!). 

So take a note out of this mortgage broker’s book - he starts the video with “The New Mortgage Rule Changes”, and then immediately lists four effects/consequences of this specific change. 

He provides context for his audience right away so they can relate to his content - he doesn’t just dive into the numbers and data. 

People need to be told why they should care, otherwise, they simply won’t. And this is why his "short-form" content that isn't exactly short (~5 mins long) still garnered 216k views.

@themortgagemoneywhiz This is Big…Be Smart. Light Summary: combo Mortgages are changing from 80% Loan to Value opportunity down to 65%. That will change how large your HELOC access is and how much Equity you can access with ease. Deeper Details in the Video. #financialinsight #wealthymindset #moneytips #investingtips #themortgagemoneywhiz ♬ Clouds - Aitan A.I.