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#RealTok - How much house, Day in the life, and Filming tips for realtors


Video 1 - How Much House?

This agent has done an incredible job of creating a bingeable series “How Much House with $$$ Salary”.

We love this series because the framework can be endlessly rinsed and repeated, but made specific to varying salary brackets.

It’s also a great way to qualify potential leads - the people who fall into X salary are going to resonate with a specific video, versus an individual who has Y salary.

Video 2 - Day in the life

”A Day in the Life” reel is an effective and simple way to inject more personal, behind-the-scenes content into your feed/content strategy.

People are noisy, for better or for worse, and they want to see what your “real” life looks like behind the scripted and edited videos, beautifully curated brand shoots, etc.

Snapping a quick 3-5 second video at various points in your day is simple enough to execute, and you can easily compile those clips into a short reel and add a voiceover after to narrate your day.

Video 3 - Filming Tips for Realtors 

This creator shares 4 simple techniques to use when recording your next property tour.

Changing up your angles when recording a home and its different features can create a dramatic effect in the overall presentation of the home.

And the best part is - these simple techniques are done while you’re shooting, so you don’t have to worry about fancy editing software or post production editing.