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#RealTok - 1 minute lessons, Role play, and City comparisons


Video 1 - 1 Minute Lessons

Steal this super engaging hook for your next piece of educational content agents!

”It took me X years to learn this, I’m going to teach you in 1 minute.”

When it comes to educating your community, the most effective lessons are the ones that quick and digestible.

So, the next time you want to teach your audience a lesson, I challenge you to deliver it in one minute or less.

The best lessons are the ones that are watched, and are learnt. 

@mikeytaylor How investors earn money that is tax free. Depreciation allows you to deduct a portion of your property's value each year, acting as a powerful tool to offset your rental income and reduce your taxable burden. By leveraging this, investors enjoy tax-efficient profits while growing their property portfolios. But there is a recapture tax! 🚨 When you sell an investment property, the IRS may want a share of the depreciation deductions you've taken over the years. This tax can be a significant surprise expense. What many RE investors do is use the 1031 Exchange. By reinvesting the proceeds from your property sale into a like-kind property, you can defer paying capital gains and recapture taxes. This strategy allows you to keep your gains invested and working for you, while building wealth over time. In summary, many real estate investors use depreciation to minimize their tax obligations and boost profits. And when it's time to sell, they employ the 1031 Exchange to avoid recapture tax and reinvest their gains. #realestate #realestateinvesting #taxfree #mikeytaylor ♬ The Champion - Lux-Inspira

Video 2 - Role Play

Here’s a great way to share a hack/ tip within your niche - do a simple role play!

Reenact a conversation with a potential lead/client in where you educate them on said hack/tip.

Though the concept seems simple, delivering your content in this format creates a layer of intrigue, in comparison to just sharing the hack in a face-to-camera reel. 

We’re all for simple edits to increase audience attention and engagement!

@moneydebunker This method is called "House Hacking". All you do is buy a house and rent out the spare bedrooms. IB:@Melaninking | Finance Coach #millionaire #rich #house #property #asset #personalfinance #money ♬ original sound - Moneydebunker

Video 3 - City Comparisons

If you’re seeing a big migration of people moving to a neighboring community or city, why not share your insights on why this may be happening.

The average person doesn’t have the level of insight that you do as a real estate agent who works across different cities. 

Don’t be afraid to share your honest 2 cents on the top reasons why people are flocking to X City.

@thatmamarealtor Sometimes I wonder why I live in this expensive province when my dollar will go so much further elsewhere #edmonton #relocate #realtortalk ♬ original sound - Jessica Nakamura