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#RealTok Trends: Text-to-Speech, Gamify your Listings, and Educate


Each week, the Agent Launch team recaps what videos Real Estate Agents made, the trends that took over our feeds, and provide some inspiration on how you can up your social media game.

Fill in the Blanks: This is what $100K-$1M gets you in X City.

Here’s a super engaging and EASY way to do a price comparison in your local market.

The best part?

It does not require your Sunday’s best and for you to be on camera!

Because we know how much you all love getting on video.

All you need is 5-10 screenshots of current listings at different price points. and let the text-to-speech do the rest. Boom. Done. Mic Drop 🎤


Video 2 - Gamify Your Listings.

Instead of your generic listing video, here’s a simple way to draw in your audience and create engagement - by gamifying your property tour!


Getting your audience to “guess the price” encourages them to watch your video all the way through (which the algorithm loves), an encourages the audience to comment (which the algorithm double loves).

And…the best part is that this agent has now turned his listing tours into a “Guess The Price” series, which keeps his audience coming back for more, and he spends less time on content ideation!

@salernorealestate How much do you think this Bungalow in Woodbridge costs? This property is offered for sale for the first time ever 🏡 Built in 2000 it was originally a 3 bedroom but the third bedroom was converted into a family room for a more modern look 🔥 The backyard offers plenty of space for all of your activites and recreational needs ✅ How much do you think this property is worth? 💰🤔 #salernorealestate #woodbridge #marksalerno #houses #housetour ♬ SHAKE SUMN - DaBaby

Video 3 - 
How Real Estate Works in 60 Seconds. 

We can’t tell you how many real estate educational videos we’ve scrolled past.

No offence, but real estate info can be pretty damn dry 😬

And you all like big fluffy jargon that nobody else outside of the industry understands AKA your audience.

Focus on simplifying complicated concepts using visuals. This not only makes your teachable lesson engaging, but also digestible for your people too. 

We know what you're thinking, your "target audience" already knows how real estate works. 

But the difference is, this realtor now has a video with almost 2 million views.

How's that for social proof?