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TikTok for Realtors: Lip Syncs, Give Your People What They Want, and Plot Twist



Video 1 - Lip Syncs

Who says real estate can't be a lip-sync battle?

This agent has mastered the art of using trendy voiceovers to make TikToks that go viral. Her lip-sync game is on point, elevating a funny voiceover into a must-watch reel.

The best part? These trending voiceovers are versatile enough to fit any industry.

So, if you're looking to mix things up in your real estate social media marketing, just grab a hot voiceover and get lip-syncing. Not only will it entertain your audience, but it's also a quick and simple way to diversify your content, which could boost your engagement on social media.

Video 2 - Give Your People What They Want

You know what they say: sometimes the best ideas come straight from the people!

One TikTok-savvy agent nails this approach by using her comments section as an idea goldmine for her next killer posts. No more scratching your head for the next big thing in real estate social media.

She's got it figured out — directly answer the burning questions your audience has.

How does she do this? By making response videos to the questions and comments left on her TikToks.

It's like a feedback loop of value, keeping her real estate marketing on point and her audience super engaged. So the next time you're stuck in a creative rut, just take a stroll through your comments. You might just find your next viral hit!

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Video 3 - Plot Twist

This agent took the standard property tour and turned it into a reel you can't stop watching.

Instead of the usual front-door walkthrough, she starts at a secondary entrance, making the property seem deceptively small.

Just when you're about to swipe, she reveals the real deal by entering from the back driveway, showing off a surprisingly spacious home.

It's not just a property tour; it's a "reveal" that has viewers hooked, making her real estate marketing a cut above the rest.

Want to boost your social media as a realtor? Sometimes, all it takes is a little suspense!