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Real Estate Lead Generation: Copy these Trending TikTok Videos


Video 1 - Whiteboard Content

Here’s a great hack for creating content that doesn’t require you to be on video, and can still help with your lead generation.

You can use the whiteboard style to breakdown what a monthly mortgage might look like for a potential homeowner. 

Not only is it more effective in delivering this type of information, it’s also super simple to execute. 

Simply record a video of you breaking down the numbers on a piece of paper, and then record your voiceover after explaining the process, ta-da!

@michael.rusli Budgeting using the 70/20/10 allocation on a $30 p/h wage. Disclaimer: This is not financial advice and is for educational purposes only. #702010 #budget #paydayroutine #budgeting #savings ♬ original sound - Budgeting & Mortgage Tips 🏡💸

Video 2 - Absurdity Gets Views

The more absurd your content, the more viral-worthy it becomes. 

People love novelty and live for the shock value, case and point - a 13 second clip of an agent showing a bathroom where there’s a tub in the ceiling…

It sounds ridiculous and silly, but that’s exactly why this TikTok has gotten over 1 million views. 

Video 3 - Casual Property Tours

This approach to property tours is still thriving on social - it’s simply the agent doing a walkthrough of the home with a voiceover narration. 

We’re seeing bigger agents move away from the overly-produced and edited listing videos, and towards a more casual property tour. 

With this style, it feels more like you’re taking your people with you on this walkthrough and really ups the buy-in from them.