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TikTok for Realtors: B-Roll Content, Lunches, and Green Screen FTW


Video 1 - B-Roll Content

Here’s a quick way to use B-roll clips to create viral content. 

This agent doesn’t have a huge following (yet!), but his TikToks using b-roll and text-on-screen have all gone viral. 

The key thing here is that the message he conveys using text on screen is actually valuable information. 

And because the B-roll clips are so short (7 seconds or less), it forces the viewer to watch the video a few times, which the algorithm loves.

Video 2 - Realtor Lunches

This is a great example of how you can be efficient and effective with your content creation. 

Consider what it is you do in your daily life as an agent that others will be able to relate to and turn it into content. 

Real estate agents can all relate to having to eat on the go, in their cars, while waiting for clients, etc. 

So, instead of trying to find new ways to incorporate content creation into your already busy schedule, why not create content within the routines you’re already doing?

Video 3 - Green Screen for the Win

Green screen backgrounds are one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated video effects when creating content on social media.

The options with green screen backgrounds are endless, it’s so simple to action, and it’s effectiveness is 10/10. 

It takes a basic talking head video to the next level. 

You can use visuals to emphasize your points (real estate news), different backgrounds when doing role-play skits, or receipts/DM’s about client experiences and/or questions.