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#RealTok - Raw content, Property transformations, and Imagine If...


Video 1 - Raw Content

Share relatable and raw content to go viral.

This TikTok got almost 37k views - and itโ€™s clearly not for its visual appeal.

It got such high views because itโ€™s RELATABLE content.

We encourage you to get creative with sharing more real behind-the-scenes content from your showings or just during your typical day in the life of an agent.

Video 2 - Property Transformations

Hereโ€™s a quick and simple way to showcase a transformation of a home - whether thatโ€™s through massive renovations, cosmetic upgrades, or staging!

Screen record a series of photos to highlight the before and after. 

People LOVE seeing glow ups, and itโ€™s clear by the 86k views this TikTok got.

(This creator doesn't allow embedding, so see it here)

Video 3 - Imagine If...

Hereโ€™s a new way to promote your latest listingโ€ฆ

Focus solely on the primary and help your audience imagine what it would be like to live in this property.

This is done effectively by the text on screen โ€œPOV coming home to your $ home in X Cityโ€, and by filming you entering the master bedroom only.

People have to be able to see themselves actually living in a home, in order to want to buy, so help create that vision for them.