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#RealTok - Price point comparisons, Properties vs. castles, and Attention-grabbing hooks


Video 1 - Price Point Comparisons

Pick a specific price point and highlight what a buyer can get in the different neighborhoods you service. 

Simply, take screenshots of active listings in various neighborhoods based on that price, and then green screen each neighborhood’s listing while pointing out some of the features of each. 

This is a quick and effective way to do a comparative analysis if you have buyers considering multiple neighborhoods.

Video 2 - Properties vs. Castles

An original and highly entertaining series meant to contrast the outrageous prices of real estate in Canada versus literal European castles. 

He’s found a niche for him on TikTok and has now created 16 shorts for that series. This single short got 3.2M views!!!

We challenge you to find a unique angle or POV you can take on real estate to create content series for your audience.

Video 3 - Attention-Grabbing Hooks

At the top, the agent hooks your attention by making a very strong claim. 

It immediately creates intrigue and piques curiosity, and if you didn’t know, that’s the ultimate goal of ANY hook. 

He also does a great job at using visuals and green screen to keep his audience’s attention, because on paper, this content could be really boring. 

He uses graphs, articles, and active listings to highlight his talking points - which helps to further communicate his POV. 

When creating content, you not only want to consider what you’re saying, but also how you’re saying it too.