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Real Estate Agents and New Home Builders: A HUGE Opportunity

New home builds present a rare win-win-win situation for buyers, real estate agents and new home builders.

Buyers considering purchasing a new construction home need a real estate agent. New home builders need to sell a lot of units fast. Real estate agents need to In a preconstruction home, a man, holding a black folder, shakes the hand of a woman with glasses.close deals and make commissions.

Keep reading to learn why real estate agents and new home builders are a perfect match and how each can generate online real estate leads to fill their pipelines and sell more units.

What is a New Home Build?

A new home build, sometimes called new construction or preconstruction, is new houses, apartments or condos that have never had occupancy. Many are in the early planning or construction phase when they hit the market.

In aggressive real estate markets, new home builds are an attractive option as they are often cheaper. Other benefits include flexible down payments, no bidding wars and a level of customization as owners can often select certain design features and finishes.


Do Buyers Need a Real Estate Agent to Buy a New Construction Home?

A buyer can purchase a preconstruction home without a real estate agent. However, it’s advisable to always work with a buyer’s agent. This will give you access to a realtor’s expertise and ensure you don’t spend hours researching only to finalize a purchase that is not in your best interest. 

A real estate agent with experience with new home builds can recommend worthwhile projects and trustworthy builders. Furthermore, they can dissuade you from developments that may get delayed or cost you more than you intended to spend.

Ultimately, the right realtor will save you time and money.


Benefits of Selling New Home Builds for Real Estate Agents

Most builders have a sales team to handle many aspects of a sale and complete transactions. These sales teams require real estate leads that they can then close or nurture toward a sale. This is where real estate agents enter the picture.

Realtors play a distinct role in builders selling their units at a pace that will meet a project’s financing needs and see it come to completion.

The benefits of working with new home builders are:

  • New construction projects, especially in major cities, are steady and consistent as developments are being greenlit and built every year.
  • They can be an easier sell as new home builds are an entry point for many first-time homebuyers and investors. These homes can also attract those looking to downsize in a few years. 
  • Builders often offer incentives in addition to commissions
  • The workload can be lighter as a sales team often handles much of the transaction and paperwork.

How to Generate New Home Build Leads for Real Estate Agents

With new home builds, a real estate agent's role is to fill the builder's pipeline with leads. This sometimes requires more leads than usual as one condo could have hundreds of units to sell.

The best method is online lead generation, primarily Google Ads. By investing in Google Ad campaigns you can drive a high number of qualified real estate leads to your website, a form designed to capture data or a landing page.



Google Ads lets you target specific locations based on relevant keywords. For instance, your ads can appear for potential buyers searching for pre-construction homes in your market. Then, you capture their data and reach out for an initial conversation.

Watch Eric discuss how much a real estate agent should spend on online lead generation every month.


To start filling your pipeline, read this article on how to generate real estate leads in 2024.

Benefits of Partnering With Real Estate Agents for New Home Builders

There are several benefits to working with real estate agents for new home builders.

  • Increased revenue. Closing deals is what good real estate agents do. Finding the right agent for your property can get more eyes on your listings, drive more leads and help push deals across the finish line.
  • More advertising and listing opportunities. Working with real estate agents opens up new channels to target audiences.
  • Create a positive brand image. Working with a reputable agent can help buyers form a positive impression of you before they even make a sales appointment. This helps ensure that you deliver a good experience from beginning to end.

How New Home Builders Can Generate Real Estate Leads

New home builders can use the same tactics as real estate agents to generate online leads. It’s all about connecting with potential buyers by advertising on the platforms they use to shop for a home, such as Google and Facebook.

If a builder wants to cut out the middleman, they can invest in Google Ad campaigns to drive leads to their pipeline. It takes time, effort and knowing how to optimize ads, perform effective outreach and nurture cold leads, but it’s all doable.




Do I Need an Agent to Buy Pre-construction?

You can buy a pre-construction home without a real estate agent. It’s best to work with one, however, as these deals can be complicated and realtors can help you choose the right development and most reputable builders.

Can Google Ads Generate Real Estate Leads for New Home Builders?

Google Ads are considered the best way for new home builders to generate leads for their business. It requires a monetary investment but Google Ads are scalable, trackable, have exceptional reach and help you find leads based on location, search intent and other key factors.

Should New Home Builders Work With Real Estate Agents?

The partnership between new home builders and real estate agents is mutually beneficial. Builders should benefit from a realtor’s experience, reputation and real estate leads and realtors can have the opportunity to close more deals thanks to a builder’s sales team and the widespread appeal of buying preconstruction.