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Creator Feature - Texas Tattooed Realtor

This week’s Creator Feature is Miriah Zuniga, a Realtor in Corsicana, Texas.

If you’re a successful real estate agent who’s tried making content for social media, but has found the process to be daunting and confusing, you need to follow @texastattoedrealtor.

Her ability to connect with her audience is second to none.

Case and point - Her testimonials are her best performing content.


How you might ask?

Well for starters, she makes them all about her clients, not about her.

Instead she focuses on her client’s experience, their pain points, their journey, to connect with them on a deeper level.

Watch our Creator Feature reel below to see how we directly copied her hook just to show you how powerful it is. 

Follow her today to start making better content. 
@agent.launch This week's Real Estate Creator Feature is @Miriah Zuniga - she's gathered over 240k followers by doing this one thing really well 👌 Follow her on TikTok where she's creating super engaging real estate content that's binge-worthy 😍 #realestateagentsoftiktok #realtorsontiktok #realtorcontentcreator #realtorcontentideas ♬ original sound - Agent Launch