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Top Home Builder Marketing Strategies to Attract Investors

By: Rob Shapiro

July 03, 2024

A woman shows blueprints of a new construction home to a man in front of a home being built.Explore effective digital marketing strategies for homebuilders to attract and engage real estate investors looking to buy in your market.

Home Builder Marketing: Targeting New Construction Investors

Focusing their digital marketing efforts on investors in addition to buyers, helps home builders sell more units fast. It's the difference between selling one unit to selling multiple in one fell swoop.

When it comes to targeting new construction investors, home builders must prioritize digital marketing over traditional tactics like networking. By incorporating innovative marketing methods, such as utilizing social media platforms, Google Ads, YouTube Ads and website and project pages, home builders can engage potential investors and drive qualified real estate leads into their funnel.

Identifying Your Investor Audience: Understanding Who They Are

To effectively market to investors, homebuilders must first understand their target audience. Many real estate professionals rely on referrals and local connections to find potential investors for their new construction projects. This involves identifying the types of investors who are most likely to be interested in their projects, such as those looking for short-term flips, long-term investments or commercial developments. Understanding the goals, preferences and behaviors of these investors can inform a tailored marketing strategy that resonates with the right crowd. The good news is that digital marketing tactics like Google Ads let you target a specific type of investor and continuously optimize until your ads appear for them.

Engaging in market research, analyzing competitor strategies and profiling typical investors can provide valuable insights that home builders can use to refine their messaging and ad campaigns.

Leveraging Digital Marketing to Reach Investors

Digital marketing offers a suite of tools for home builders to connect with investors. Effective home builder marketing strategies include utilizing Google Ads to target specific search queries related to new home investments.

A woman at a computer creating a rendering of a new construction home. On the table are a hard hat, blue prints, shears and a computer mouse.By creating targeted ad campaigns, homebuilders can drive traffic to their websites and find qualified leads. You need a high volume of leads to convert a small percentage of them into clients and you need opportunities to nurture real estate leads who are not yet ready to invest.

SEO is equally important, as optimizing for search engines ensures that a home builder’s website appears prominently when investors search for relevant keywords. A robust SEO strategy that combines on-page optimization, local SEO and content marketing can significantly increase online visibility and attract investor interest.



Home Builder Marketing: Brand Yourself to New Construction Investors with Social Media

In today’s digital age, home builder marketing strategies need to focus on online branding. Social media serves as a pivotal platform for branding and connecting with prospective clients and potential investors. Home builders can use various social media channels to showcase their projects, share updates and engage with an audience interested in new construction investments. 

Developing a consistent posting schedule and sharing high-quality images and videos of projects are all strategies that can help home builders increase their visibility and appeal to investors who are actively seeking new opportunities.

Home Builder Marketing Strategies: Website and Project Pages for New Construction Investors

A well-designed website with dedicated project pages can serve as a cornerstone in a home builder’s digital marketing efforts. These pages should provide comprehensive information that an investor would find valuable, such as project timelines, expected ROI and detailed specifications of the properties.

A real estate agent project page. The image shows a row of homes. There's a lead capture form with a "REGISTER TODAY" button.By ensuring the website and project pages are user-friendly, informative and visually appealing, homebuilders can effectively showcase their portfolio and attract serious investment inquiries.

Furthermore, incorporating virtual tours, interactive floor plans and real-time availability can enhance the online experience for investors, making it easier for them to visualize the potential of each project.

Don't forget, SEO is crucial in making websites and project pages more visible to potential investors.

Utilizing Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

Real estate agents and home builders can leverage customer testimonials and success stories as powerful tools for communicating credibility and demonstrating their value. 

By sharing positive experiences from previous investors, homebuilders can provide social proof that can influence potential investors’ decisions. Testimonials should highlight key benefits such as professionalism, quality of construction, and most importantly, return on investment. Including these on the website, social media and in marketing materials can be a persuasive way of showcasing a track record of successful projects and satisfied investors.

Creating case studies or video interviews with past investors can also add a personal touch that resonates with potential clients, giving them confidence in the home builder’s ability to deliver on their investment goals.

Ready to Generate More Qualified Real Estate Leads?

Partnering with Agent Launch, a leading home builder marketing agency, can provide the necessary expertise and resources to effectively generate real estate leads and attract investors.

It all starts with a comprehensive home builder marketing strategy aimed at attracting and engaging investors. Home builders can increase their visibility and appeal to potential investors by implementing tactics such as social media branding, developing informative project pages on websites, understanding their investor audience, leveraging digital marketing tools like Google Ads and showcasing customer testimonials.

The goal is always the same: generate more high-quality real estate leads for home builders so they can focus on what matters…selling.