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Video Production For Home Builders

  • Video Editing & Ad Creation
  • Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Branded Content & Storytelling
  • Custom Video Strategy & Projects
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Industry-Leading Creative Services

Our video editing and ad creation services can separate your new construction business from competitors. 

Editing is a complicated process best left to the experts. Agent Launch has a proven track record of editing videos to make the final product impossible for audiences to ignore. Our ads are strategic, attention-grabbing and inspire clicks, not just impressions. 

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More Than Empty Impressions

Motion graphics or animated videos and ads stand out next to traditional image or text-based ads.

Drive more traffic to your new construction websites and project pages by using dynamic motion graphics or animated ads. These types of ads draw more eyeballs regardless of their location on a web page.



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Tell Your Brand's Story

Develop your story and unique selling position to introduce your audience to your expertise, credibility, trustworthiness and of course, your new construction projects.

Branded content with an emphasis on storytelling can make any home builder seem more personable and create deeper connections with potential leads. Increasing your presence where your leads spend their time online will generate a consistent lead flow for your sales team. 

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Tailored to Your Needs

No facsimiles, every home builder requires a custom video strategy and projects.

Benefit from our custom approach to crafting video strategies and projects for every home builder we work with and each new construction project they need to market and advertise. Each strategy and project reflects your specific needs, target audiences and sales targets.

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What You Can Expect

Comprehensive Creative Services

Every step of our creative process is carefully crafted, handled and executed from strategizing to ad creation.

A Bespoke Approach

No templates. Every element is designed and produced to showcase your home builder brand and new construction projects.

Target Specific Audiences & Leads

We never throw things at a wall. Every video and ad targets specific demographics and the leads you want.

Creative Experts in New Construction

Our creative experts can produce videos and ads that will speak to your audiences and potential leads.

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A Creative Approach to Lead Generation

Agent Launch's creative service can take care of the video production and ad creation component of your digital marketing strategy.

Partner with experienced editors, paid advertising professionals and marketers who understand the new construction business and how to generate qualified leads that will transform your business and keep your sales pipeline overflowing.

John Garuti

John Garuti

star star star star star

“I have been working with Agent Launch for about one year now and have been very happy with my ROI. We started with a landing page focused on my niche and service area and that one page with ppc has generated an additional 16 deals that I would not have earned without Agent Launch.”

kerry 1-3

Kerry Davies

star star star star star

“I can't say enough good things about the Agent Launch program. I've had more seller leads since they started to manage my Google Ad campaigns than with any other lead provider I've had in the past.”

Matt Mroz Review

Matt Mroz

star star star star star

“Eric and his team are incredible. They offer a fully developed lead generation system and support structure for quickly getting your business established in the local market. Not to mention the ongoing education and support, Agent Launch is second to none.”

FAQ: Video Production for Home Builders

Is video production necessary for home builders?

In this digital age and knowing that your audience is online researching home builders, you absolutely need to include video production as part of your digital marketing strategy. Videos increase engagement, build your brand and contribute to lead generation and conversion.

What goes into video production?

There are typically three stages of video production: pre-production, production and post-production. Pre-production is where videos and ads are strategized, a plan is outlined and a timeline is set. Production is where the creative elements are produced. Post-production is where everything comes together in the editing suite. 

How long does it take to create an ad?

How long ad creation takes depends on the ad and the campaign. A timeline can not be established until it's understood what it is you want to produce and what you hope to achieve.

Where should my videos and ads appear?

A strategy for where to run your videos and ads should be based on your audience, budget and what you want to achieve. Retargeting is one strategy that allows your ads to follow potential leads to other sites after they visit your site. 

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