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Agent Launch CRM Integration

  • Seamless systems integration
  • Fluid workflows
  • Automations that free up your time
Three graphics of people in circles, one blue and two grey, are connected to black and grey rectangle with "AGENT LAUNCH" in it and connect to the Follow Up Boss logo. Other CRM logos are next to it, denoting Agent Launch can integrate with all these CRMs.

Lead Generation Integration

Effective real estate lead generation requires a complete system, from ads that find you leads to a CRM that manages your relationships.

Our solution seamlessly integrates with any CRM you’re using, creating a comprehensive system that guides leads from their first encounter through to conversion.

An ad for a property listing connects via a yellow arrow to the Agent Launch logo which connects via a yellow arrow to logos of CRMs like Follow Up Boss. The Lead Generation Integration

Done-With-You CRM Setup

Our straightforward, step-by-step tutorials guide you on organizing your CRM to maximize efficiency. We cover everything from installing initial and long-term drip campaigns to providing an overview of automation and recommending pipeline stages, from new leads to active clients.

Our process will have your CRM set up and running smoothly in no time, allowing it to handle the heavy lifting and freeing you to focus on crucial tasks like closing deals.

A computer monitor that's paused. The screen has a yellow border and at the top reads, Done-With-You CRM Setup

Pipeline Stages & Automations

The lifecycle of a real estate lead can be long and requires diligent stage management.

Our system uses strategic automations to smoothly move leads through the pipeline stages, ensuring no touchpoint is missed and no opportunity is lost.

A blue, grey, yellow and gold funnel with blue coins dropping into it. Each coin has a graphic of a person. Next to the funnel is a toggle button for Pipeline Stages & Automations

What You Can Expect

Integrates with Existing CRM

Our system is built on top of your existing CRM to reduce complexity. This allows for a smooth integration, reducing the need for major changes.

Complete Lead Conversion System

Leads don't mean much if you can't convert them. Our CRM integration plays a key role in converting leads after you've first made contact.

Fluid, Consistent Workflow Automations

Our system enhances your CRM's capabilities without adding friction or hurdles. Automation can do the heavy lifting for you.

Dedicated Account Manager

An account manager will work with you and oversee your CRM integration to ensure the entire system is running smoothly.

"New Leads" named "John Doe", "Martin Smith" and "Lisa Ray" are on a yellow circle with yellow plus signs next to them.

Enhance your systems with Agent Launch

We integrate our system with your existing one, to enhance and evolve it into a real estate lead generation machine. You don't have to learn a new CRM or reinvent anything.

Agent Launch implements workflows and automations within your CRM to improve efficiency and increase effectiveness of your lead generation, pipeline management and nurturing process.

John Garuti

John Garuti

star star star star star

“I have been working with Agent Launch for about one year now and have been very happy with my ROI. We started with a landing page focused on my niche and service area and that one page with ppc has generated an additional 16 deals that I would not have earned without Agent Launch.”

kerry 1-3

Kerry Davies

star star star star star

“I can't say enough good things about the Agent Launch program. I've had more seller leads since they started to manage my Google Ad campaigns than with any other lead provider I've had in the past.”

kerry 1-2

Matt Mroz

star star star star star

“Eric and his team are incredible. They offer a fully developed lead generation system and support structure for quickly getting your business established in the local market. Not to mention the ongoing education and support, Agent Launch is second to none.”

FAQ: CRM Integrations

What are integrations in CRM?

CRM integration is when you connect a CRM system with another system(s). This means that customer data can be integrated with third-party systems. These third-party systems can be unrelated to a CRM, but the data they have or compile can make a CRM be more efficient and effective.

What is a CRM's role in real estate?
Real estate agents, brokerages and teams use customer relationship management (CRM) software to review, manage and maintain relationships with leads and clients. CRMs provide valuable information and insights and data management at any stage and are key to develop your professional network and client roster.
Do you need a CRM for real estate?

A CRM helps real estate agents manage all activities with prospects, leads and clients. They can help keep track of contacts and communication history making converting warm and hot leads and retargeting cold, old or unresponsive ones easier.

What are the best CRM for realtors?

There are several popular CRMs for real estate agents, including Follow Up Boss, Lofty, Sierra Interactive, Real Geeks and kvCORE, among others. Watch this video to learn which CRM for real estate might work best for you. 

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