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New Construction Landing Pages

  • Showcase New Construction Developments
  • Conversion-Optimized Pages
  • Highlight Exclusive Offers & Features
  • Lead Generation Focused Pages
A monitor and on its screen is a landing page for "New Construction Homes in Austin, TX". There's a lead capture form. The background are preconstruction homes.

Showcase New Construction Projects

Effective real estate landing pages highlight the appeal of new construction developments, attracting potential buyers and motivating them to contact you for a meeting with urgency.

Our custom landing pages feature the unique and enticing selling points of your new construction projects, offering exclusive deals and valuable area information to capture leads’ interest.

Three overlapping landing pages: one with a yellow bar on top, one with a green bar on top and another with a red bar on top. Showcase New Construction Projects

One Goal In Mind: Conversion

Our landing pages are designed with a singular focus: to convert. In creating our landing pages, we ensure that every inch, word, and pixel serves a purpose.

From images and copy to call-to-actions, every element is optimized to generate high-quality leads.

In a yellow bar is the sentence, One Goal in Mind Conversion

Enhance Your Google Ad Campaigns

A good Google Ad is nothing without an optimized landing page; together, they meet the needs and intentions of users who click on them.

Sending users from a Google Ad to a website where desired information is buried under multiple clicks, will drive potential leads to your competitors.

An image of a house in black and white. Two ads, one with an image and one text-based point to a button to Enhance Your Google Ad Campaigns

Break Free Of IDX Requirements

Our landing pages and lead generation systems are effective worldwide. We’re not limited by IDX requirements to North America.

We partner with real estate agents in new construction globally, creating limitless lead generation possibilities when you leverage our approach, systems and expertise.

Two yellow-bordered cards. The one on the left is a map with house markers and blue lines throughout. The one on the right is a page with six property listings. Break Free of IDX Requirements

What You Can Expect

Optimized Landing Pages

Our landing pages are designed and developed with best practices in mind and optimized to maximize performance and ensure it's hitting its lead generation and conversion targets.

Conversion-Ready From Day One

Our landing pages are geared toward conversion on every level with intuitive layouts, engaging copy and images and clear lead capture forms.

Dedicated Technical Support

A dedicated account manager closely monitors the performance of your landing pages and reviews data to optimize where needed.

Custom Landing Pages

Every landing page is customized to your business, brand, audience, properties and goals. We ensure each page reflects your unique project and resonates with your target market.

Three "New Leads"  on a yellow background with plus signs next to them.

Lead generation amplified

Ready-to-convert landing pages are a crucial digital marketing tool that every real estate agent in new construction must leverage.

Don’t let your high-performing Google Ads go to waste by sending potential clients to an unintuitive, poorly-designed website. Landing pages are designed to convert users into leads and leads into clients.

John Garuti

John Garuti

star star star star star

“I have been working with Agent Launch for about one year now and have been very happy with my ROI. We started with a landing page focused on my niche and service area and that one page with ppc has generated an additional 16 deals that I would not have earned without Agent Launch.”

kerry 1-3

Kerry Davies

star star star star star

“I can't say enough good things about the Agent Launch program. I've had more seller leads since they started to manage my Google Ad campaigns than with any other lead provider I've had in the past.”

kerry 1-2

Matt Mroz

star star star star star

“Eric and his team are incredible. They offer a fully developed lead generation system and support structure for quickly getting your business established in the local market. Not to mention the ongoing education and support, Agent Launch is second to none.”

FAQ: New Construction Landing Pages

What is a landing page for new construction homes?

A landing page is a standalone webpage that a user visits usually after clicking through an email or ad. Landing pages are designed to convert by capturing data, typically via a form, that allows for a follow-up.

Do I really need a landing page?

Yes. Research shows that businesses with 10-15 landing pages increase their conversion rate by 55% vs. those with less than 10 landing pages. The benefit of your Google Ads campaigns also makes landing pages a worthwhile investment for real estate agents.

Do I need a landing page if I have a website?

A website is designed for exploration, serving all your audiences, potential leads and new construction projects. Landing pages are focused on driving specific conversions derived from paid advertising. Landing pages are strategic tactics in a real estate digital marketing campaign.

Will landing pages get me more leads?

Landing pages strategically help real estate agents working with new construction developments generate more leads and close more deals. Landing pages target specific leads, such as people looking to buy a new construction property, boost conversion rates and track the effectiveness of marketing and advertising initiatives.

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