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Google Retargeting for Realtors

  • Retarget Website Visitors
  • Engage Leads Around the Internet
  • Greater Conversion Rate
  • Increase Your ROI
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Retarget Your Website Traffic

Not every visitor who comes to your website will fill out your form the first time. 

Retargeting campaigns follow your website visitors across the web, displaying your ads and encouraging them to return to your site to complete your desired action, whether it's filling out a form, booking a call or making a purchase. Retargeting is highly effective at both nurturing leads and converting them into clients.

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Improve Your Conversion Rate

Boost your conversion rate with retargeted ads that convince your website traffic to return to your website.

The results are impressive: retargeted visitors convert 70% more than non-retargeted visitors and retargeting ads convert 2-4X higher than a standard display ad.

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Skyrocket Your ROI

With a higher conversion rate than standard ads, retargeting delivers a strong ROI. It also maximizes the return on your initial investment in driving traffic to your website.

Traffic that leaves your site without taking action, such as filling out a form or booking a call, represents a missed opportunity and a sunk cost. Retargeting ensures these potential leads don't slip away easily, providing multiple paths to bring them back to your site and into your pipeline.

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Follow Buyers & Sellers Around
The Web

Displaying ads to your website visitors as they browse other sites greatly increases the chances of them returning and becoming your lead.

Most potential leads aren’t ready to commit after one visit. A strategic retargeting approach keeps you in their thoughts, encouraging them to come back and learn more about your new construction property. Each additional visit significantly raises the likelihood of them reaching out or sharing their information.

An image of a blank web page. In the corner is an ad for a property listing and a cursor over it. Follow Buyers & Sellers Around the Web

What You Can Expect

Effective Ad Campaigns

Masterful retargeted ads that showcase properties and communicate key messaging to lure a user back to your site.

Dedicated Account Manager

An ads expert will oversee and manage your retargeted campaigns to optimize performance.

Go Where Your Website Traffic Goes

Retargeted ads provide maximum reach, boosting your online presence beyond the traditional paid advertising tactics.

Your Real Estate PPC Experts

Leverage our team’s experience successfully managing millions of dollars in PPC and Google Ads campaigns for real estate agents worldwide. We craft tailored strategies that deliver exceptional results.

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Never leave a potential lead's side

Retargeted ads convert your website traffic into leads. A key component in your digital marketing strategy, retargeting ensures your relationship with users who click on your ad and visit your website only to leave doesn't end there.

Stay top of mind and take advantage of the real estate lead generation power of Google retargeting for realtors.

John Garuti

John Garuti

star star star star star

“I have been working with Agent Launch for about one year now and have been very happy with my ROI. We started with a landing page focused on my niche and service area and that one page with ppc has generated an additional 16 deals that I would not have earned without Agent Launch.”

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Kerry Davies

star star star star star

“I can't say enough good things about the Agent Launch program. I've had more seller leads since they started to manage my Google Ad campaigns than with any other lead provider I've had in the past.”

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Matt Mroz

star star star star star

“Eric and his team are incredible. They offer a fully developed lead generation system and support structure for quickly getting your business established in the local market. Not to mention the ongoing education and support, Agent Launch is second to none.”

FAQ: Google Retargeting Ads

How does retargeting for real estate marketing work?

Retargeting displays your online ads to users who recently visited your website. As potential leads search the web after leaving your site, they see your ad on other sites based on the searches they conduct. The purpose of the ads is to convince them to return to your site.

What is retargeting in real estate?

Retargeting ads are designed to re-engage visitors who visited and interacted with some element of your website or landing page but left without inquiring, booking a showing or filling out a form.

What is an example of retargeting?

An example of retargeting is display ads for cart abandoners on an e-commerce website or visitors who have browsed your website in the past but haven't made a purchase. For realtors, retargeting would be triggered if a user interacts with an element on your site or leaves without filling out a form. The goal for real estate agents is to push them to the end of the conversion funnel and turn them into clients.

What platform is best for retargeting?

Google is widely considered to be the best retargeting platform but other popular ones include AdRoll, LinkedIn Custom Audiences, Criteo, Outbrain and Retargeter.

How big of an audience do you need for retargeting?

There is no exact number of visitors needed for a retargeting campaign. Yet, it's recommend to have 100 or more visitors in an audience segment that's added to a retargeting campaign.

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