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Instagram For Realtors - Amanda Albrecht (@sellingthesuburbs)


Amanda's Secret Sauce: Merging Real Estate and Home Design with Panache

Real estate agents might have a soft spot for beautiful homes and interior aesthetics, but for Amanda, it's not just a fascination – it's her undying passion. In a world saturated with generic real estate content, Amanda has carved a unique niche on social media, seamlessly blending the realms of real estate with the captivating world of home design and décor.

Amanda doesn't just casually dabble in home design; she exudes passion. She's made it crystal clear to her community that her love for interior aesthetics is more than a passing interest – it's the heartbeat of her real estate journey.

Crafting a Perfect Niche: Where Real Estate Meets Home Décor

In the vast landscape of social media, Amanda has discovered her sweet spot. Her niche isn't just about selling houses; it's about creating homes. She's become the go-to expert for home design and décor hacks that perfectly complement the real estate experience.

DIY Tutorials: Budget-Friendly Elegance

Amanda's content isn't about showcasing unattainable luxury. Instead, she brings a touch of practicality to the table. Her audience delights in DIY tutorials that promise budget-friendly yet stunning home décor transformations.

Seasonal Delights: Pumpkin Wine Dispensers and More

Amanda knows how to infuse seasonal charm into her content. Imagine a seasonal pumpkin wine dispenser stealing the spotlight at your next dinner party. It's not just about real estate; it's about creating memorable, aesthetically pleasing moments at home.

Viral Wonders: The Planter Makeover

Amanda doesn't just stop at the basics; she dives deep into the world of viral-worthy transformations. From a plain planter to a sensational centerpiece, she turns everyday items into extraordinary works of art.


Amanda has cracked the code to capturing hearts beyond real estate transactions. She's not just selling houses; she's selling a lifestyle – one where every home is a canvas waiting for a touch of design magic. Follow Amanda for a journey where real estate meets the art of making a house a home.